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Guarana was introduced to the founder of Guarangutan whilst on a business trip to Brazil in early 2016. Being a life-long diabetic, he had always tended to stray away from traditional, high sugar energy drinks and found that sugar free energy drinks were about as effective as a cup of muddy water.

Whilst fatigued and struggling with jetlag, a few colleagues that lived locally introduced him to a tiny, shot like drink containing little more than Guarana seeds, ground down with a little water and a minimal amount of sugar (he would later discover that sugar and caffeine that is found naturally in Guarana, have synergistic effects). 10 minutes later, the jetlag had subsided and thoughts of sleep had long gone.

Upon returning to the UK, the only Guarana that could be found locally was in powdered form and just didn’t seem to have the same effects as the fresh, ground down seeds that he had enjoyed so much in Brazil. And so the seeds of Guarangutan had been sewn….

Fast forward to 2017 and Guarangutan, having been developed as a consumer product has now been used to support students, sportsmen and women from a wide range of disciplines, party goers and those that just need an extra kick in the morning that doesn’t consist of drinking 5 cups of coffee or a substantial amount of sugary liquids (you know who we’re talking about) and is excited to announce the launch of its University Partnership Program…

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