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Lasts for up to 4 hours

Not just caffeine alone

A combination of the natural ingredients Theophylline, Theobromine and Guaranine

only 34 calories
& 8.5g of sugar

Gets to work, fast

Nutritional Information

Amount Per 20ml Serving

  • Energy Value 40.04 Kcal/168Kj
  • Carbohydrates 10g
  • Sugars 8.5g
  • Sodium 9.38mg
  • Natural extract of Açaí (2g)

Amount Per 100ml Serving

  • Energy Value 200.2 Kcal/842Kj
  • Carbohydrates 51g
  • Sugars 42.5g
  • Sodium 47.0mg
  • Natural extract of Açaí (10g)

Guarangutan Ingredients

Water, Sugar, Natural extract of Açaí (10g), Natural Guarana Extract* (6g), Taurine (48mg), Caffeine (6.6mg), Sodium Benzoate Preservative, Citric Acid.

No Added Salt, Gluten Free.

*Guarana is a natural source of caffeine and contains tannins which may contribute to the slower absorption of caffeine.

Not suitable for children, pregnant women and persons sensitive to caffeine

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